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 Time to call Twofold if......  your thinkin' somethings stinkin', if what your smellin' has been a dwellin', and your breathin' has become a weazin'...

                                      Twofold Mold offers in home testing to determine if you have mold, what types are present, and how to get rid of it!


Twofold Mold Inspections offers a variety of services to fit each individual client's needs.  Services can be as simple as a consultation and inspection for water damages to a customized maintenance facility prevention plan.  Our goal is to meet each individual's specific need, whether it be large or minor. 


It is important that our clients receive a professional service.  Our inspector has several qualificatons and over 10 years experience in the mold industry.  It is important to have an inspector that values integrity, reports fairly, and has the knowledge and experience to give you accurate results.


Whether you are a home buyer or commercial landlord, our services benefit you by reducing liability, providing a healthy working/living environment, preventing costly repairs and protecting your investments.  We work with real estate agents, home owners, property managers, construction companies, insurance agencies and many more!


Military Discount - $25.00 discount on an inspection with sampling.  Just our way of giving back to those who serve and who have served.

Senior Discount - $25.00 discount on an inspection with sampling for community members 60 and older.

"Twice the experience, Twice the knowledge, Twice the value."


Twofold Mold Inspections specializes in sampling, inspections and consulting as it relates to mold and water damage and is located in Maryville, TN.  The business was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind, our mission.  That mission is to serve the community and provide clients a service of value and professionalism.  To inform, educate, and help those who are in need.  


The founder, Travis Reeves, believes in educating individuals, companies, and others on all things related to mold.  The mold industry today is the wild, wild west.  Anyone today can claim to be a mold expert with little experience or certifications due to relaxed state regulations.  These claims can lead to misdiagnosing problems which can in turn cost clients thousands of dollars in costly re-mediation and preventative measures.  It is our duty to help clients understand how to prevent mold growth, understand the issue at hand, and resolve the problem in the most cost efficient way.  There are many "miracle" products on the market today that claim to kill mold and consumers are being misled.  It is important to correct the source of the problem, identify contaminated areas, and report the proper protocols to ensure that it does not come back.  It is imparative that you have an experienced mold inspector on your side when confronted with mold issues.


Twofold Mold Inspections provides an informative service designed to be very thorough and identify any areas conducive to mold growth.  This inspection is a 20-point inspection designed to visibly inspect the exterior, grounds, plumbing, structure, and unconditioned spaces of a home or commercial building.  A report is given to the client that includes photographs, areas of concern, recommendations, test results and interpretation of the results that identify different mold types and levels.  Reports and inspections can be designed to meet our clients needs, whether it be a complete evaluation or a targeted inspection limited to a basement or attic space.

Twofold Mold Inspections provides services for East Tennessee, including but no limited to, Knoxville Mold Inspector, Powell Mold Inspector, Clinton Mold Inspector, Karns Mold Inspector, Farragut Mold Inspector, Maryville Mold Inspector, Lenoir City Mold Inspector, Loudon Mold Inspector, Tellico Village Mold Inspector, Vonore Mold Inspector, Townsend Mold Inspector, Gatlinburg Mold Inspector, Pigeon Forge Mold Inspector, Dandridge Mold Inspector, Harriman Mold Inspector, Walland Mold Inspector, Alcoa Mold Inspector, South Knoxville Mold Inspector, Seymour Mold Inspector.

Twofold Mold Inspections provides asbestos testing services in  East Tennessee, including but not limited to, Knoxville mold and asbestos testing, Powell Mold and asbestos testing, Clinton Mold and Asbestos Testing, Karns Mold and Asbestos Testing, Farragut Mold and Asbestos Testing, Maryville Mold and Asbestos Testing, Lenoir City Mold and Asbestos Testing, Loudon Mold and Asbestos Testing, Tellico Village Mold and Asbestos Testing, Vonore Mold and Asbestos Testing, Townsend Mold and Asbestos Testing, Gatlinburg Mold and Asbestos Testing, Pigeon Forge Mold and Asbestos Testing, Dandridge Mold and Asbestos Testing, Harriman Mold and Asbestos Testing, Walland Mold and Asbestos Testing, Alcoa Mold and Asbestos Testing, South Knoxville Mold and Asbestos Testing, Seymour Mold and Asbestos Testing.


Twofold Mold Inspections

2138 Middlesettlements Rd.

Maryville, TN 37801


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