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Real Estate - As important as home inspections are during a real estate transaction, so to are mold inspections.  It is increasingly important for home buyers to protect their health and investment and also equally important for sellers to disclose previous water intrusion and provide documentation to eliminate liability related to microbial growth.  Twofold Mold Inspections values and believes in client confidentiality.  The client that hires Twofold Mold Inspections is the only party that receives testing results, lab reports, and interpretations.  An inspection can go along way to protect your investment and decrease liability.

Apartment/Property Managers - It is required that occupants are given suitable living conditions.  Often times water/mold issues are left up to the maintenance crew who have little experience with mold or believes in the myth "Put a little bleach on it!"  It is important that you hire an expert when you have water/mold issues to stay out of court and keep your buildings occupied! Bleaching it, covering it up, or hoping the problem will go away will only cost you grief, time and money.  Improper mitigation in an effort to save money leads to costly mold re-mediation.  Avoid the news crews, keep your tenants happy and healthy, and do the right thing!  

Commercial Property - Mold Inspections can be a part of your facility maintenance program.  Prevention is the best way to prevent mold.  Routine and thorough inspections of your facility can identify areas of concern before they become costly mold problems.  In a commercial property, there are numerous areas and conditions that can be conducive to mold growth.  An inspector must also know these conditions, materials, HVAC systems and how they differ from residential units.  Twofold Mold can provide inspections that will allow you to demonstrate your efforts to keep a clean, healthy environment for your occupants.  Twofold Mold is certified to inspect commercial buildings!

Construction/ Remodels - Often times remodels can lead to the discovery of hidden mold resvoirs.  The mistake is made to continue demolition without taking into condsideration what is occurring.  Agitating the mold or mold containing materials releases thousands of airborne spores that can cross contaminate other areas of the home and colonize when conditions are right. Ignoring the mold issue puts the workers and occupants health at risk and can lead to a larger mold issue throughout the home or building.  It is good practice to stop work when an issue is found an hire an expert such as Twofold Mold Inspections to assess the situation and provide protocols to deal with the issue correctly.  

Insurance Agents/ Adjusters - Although most insurance companies have moved away from covering mold, Twofold Mold Inspections can be a resource to you and your clients.  Customers who call you and have issues with mold, also have issues with water.  You can't have mold if there isn't a water source allowing it to grow.  Twofold Mold Inspections can identify the source of the mold growth and help your client correct it.  Offering your clients a resource for this type of problem is a positive because it helps to show that you are empathetic to your customers concerns which improves retention and acting quickly can reduce expenses for the insurance company and the customer.

Mold Re-mediation Companies -  It is important to hire a third party inspector to perform pre and post sampling for mold re-mediation projects to develop a scope of work and then to validate a successful re-mediation project.  Doing so elminates liability for the company and provides documentation that the work was performed to standards and was completed accurately.  Mold re-mediation companies that perform both testing and re-mediation on a project should be careful as it can be seen as a conflict of interest and open up liability.  Hire a third party vendor such as Twofold Mold Inspections so that you can follow industry standards and reduce liability. 

Individual Health Concerns - The elderly, young, and those with immune deficiencies are at an increased risk to health issues related to mold.  Anyone who has concerns about their indoor air quality as it relates to mold should contact us to perform an inspection.  Mold is not always visible and can be hidden.  If you can smell musty odors and are having chronic health issues it is important to have an inspection and testing if necessary.  Humans, on average spend 22 hours a day in enclosed spaces and breath air that they have little control over.  If you have had past water intrusion, regular flooding, smell musty odors, or see visible mold growth then you are at risk for microbial growth and the hazards that come with it.  

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