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A visual inspection of an area of concern, water damage testing is included. Professional advice and recommendations are given for your situation.  There are several ways to approach each mold issue and it is important to have someone inspect your home and give an evaluation that has no other interest other than helping you make efficent and cost effective decisions.  Twofold Mold Inspections does not perform mold re-mediation so you can be assured that you will receive professional service of value designed to educate and help you make the best decisions possible when facing costly re-mediation projects.   

Targeted Inspection 


An inspection designed to identify concerns, provide testing, and produce a report on a specific area of concern in a residential or commercial unit.  As an example, anyone with a basement with on going moisture problems who is experiencing musty odors and visible signs of mold growth in that area may prefer this service over a complete home inspection.  Understanding that the problem is most likely limited to the basement.  Air samples are taken from outside and the area of concern for comparative anaylsis and to make a determination of what types of molds are present and to what extent. 

Residential 20-point evaluation and inspection 


A visual inspection of the entire home including grounds, exterior, plumbing, attic, crawlspaces, bathrooms, hvac, and structure to identify any areas that may be conducive to mold growth.  A report is provided with pictures, documented moisture readings, and professional advice and recommendations.  Any areas found to have microbial growth can be tested.  The lab results and interpretations of the results are included in the report.  This service is great for home buyers, foreclosures, and anyone who is concerned about a property as it relates to water intrusion and mold growth!

Commerical 20-point evaluation and inspection 


A visual inspection of the building including grounds, exterior, plumbing, air plenums, hvac and structure to identify areas that may be conducive to mold growth.  This service includes everything that a residential inspection has to offer. An inspection once a year for commercial properties is recommended as preventative maintenance is the most effective way to control cost and reduce liability.  This is a great service to add to your facility management program and to prevent costly re-mediation projects and prevent business interruption.  Inspections can be provided to ensure a healthy work environment for occupants and employees. 



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