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Twofold Mold Inspections truly believes in helping those who are in need in our community. I have always prided myself on a few things that I feel sets us apart from the competition. I got into this business in order to provide a professional service designed to inform and educate those who have questions or concerns as it relates to mold/bacterial growth. So what sets us apart from everyone else claiming to be a mold expert?

1. Professional report interpreting lab results - Many of our competitors provide testing, few provide an interpretation report complete with photos, documented readings, recommendations, and an explanation of what the test results mean for you and your home. If you want to know more than, "Do I have mold in my home?", choose Twofold Mold Inspections. You will pay the same price but receive twice the value, a professional report, and answers!

2. Customer service - It has always been important to me to do the small things that no one else will. I have always wanted to exceed my customer's expectations. I learned business at an early age and business is relationships with people and doing what you say you are going to do. I believe in showing up on time, having a professional appearance, providing the report in a timely manner, and being available at any time to answer any questions you may have even after the service is completed. It gives me great pride to know that I have truly helped a customer in their time of need.

3. Ethics - I did not get into business to become rich, but only to provide for my family and to sleep at night knowing that I built something with my own two hands and that my customers are happy. I believe in integrity, honesty, and hard work. As a sole proprietorship it is easy for me to deliver on promises I make. I go to every job and I am the only person you deal with.

4. Provide Testing Only - It is a conflict of interest to provide both testing and re-mediation to customers. After all, would you want a restaurant owner to also be the health inspector determining if the place is fit to serve it's customers? Why would you want the same for mold issues. I am an independent party with no other interest other than providing my client with answers. I do not provide re-mediation so you will only receive information as it is, the truth. Competitors who provide both should be questioned as it is a conflict of interest to provide both testing and re-mediation.

At Twofold Mold Inspections we have twice the experience, twice the knowledge, at twice the value! It is always our goal to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients!

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