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Rainy Weather and Foundations

Are you concerned about your home's foundation and exterior water intrusion issues? If so, a day like today is the perfect opportunity to check up on a few things. In order to prevent exterior water intrusion, I advise my clients to first take a look at the roof/gutter system to make sure it is properly diverting water away from the home. One of the most common causes of exterior water intrusion is a damaged gutter system and gutter down spouts that divert water directly into the foundation. Check your gutter downspouts to make sure they are extended at least 5 feet away from the foundation. It is also a good time to go into your unconditioned spaces, attics and crawlspaces. During heavy rains, exterior problems can be easily identified. The best way to treat mold is to prevent it. Eliminating sources of water entry will eliminate conditions conducive to microbial growth. If you see problems and have more questions, call us today! Twofold Mold Inspections 865-617-0708

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