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HVAC causing Mold/Humidity Issues

One of the primary functions of the HVAC unit is to remove moisture from the home and condition the air. When your HVAC system is adding moisture to the home or is failing to remove it, humidity levels in the home will rise. Once humidity levels exceed 60 percent for a period of time, there will be conditons conducive to microbial growth. Surface mold will begin to appear on furniture, doors, clothing, and other surfaces. Humidity levels within the home or structure must be regulated to levels below 60 percent.

One of the worst things you can do as a homeowner is to leave the thermostat FAN setting to ON. FAN ON creates high humidity througout the home. Some of the worst mold infestations I see are directly related to running the HVAC FAN constantly. As the HVAC system collects moisture from the home, the FAN redistributes it back into the home before it has time to expel.

Other issues that can cause a mold problem are not running the HVAC system at all. In East Tennessee, humidity levels are excessive in the outdoor environment for much of the year. If the HVAC system doesn't run, it can't remove moisture that is building up inside the home.

If these problems are plaguing you, feel free to contact Twofold Mold Inspections for advice and to determine if you need an inspection or assessment and recommendations. Remember, preventing mold starts with preventing moisture and soures of water damage!


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