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Mold on Furniture

When relative humidity levels exceed 60 percent in your home, it can create conditions conducive to microbial growth. Why? You can't eradicate mold completely, there will always be some spore activity in the indoor air environment. These spores settle on the surfaces of your contents, many of which are organic, providing the food source for mold growth. The only element needed for growth is moisture. Contents absorb moisture from the air allowing mold growth to occur. If you are noticing musty odors or have a concern that you have mold, a good place to look is underneath your furniture with a flash light. If you see what you suspect to be mold or fungus, its a good time to call Twofold Mold Inspections. Twofold Mold Inspections can locate the source of mold and provide you with recommendations to remove and prevent further growth. #KnoxvilleMoldInspection

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